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Personal assistants should be exactly that, personal.


Unfortunately, that gets lost in today’s day and age. Personal relationships are disappearing as technology connects people online but disconnects them virtually.


Our small team of assistant don't just assist, but your assistant will develop a relationship with you so that we adapt, grow together, and learn to anticipate your personal and professional needs. 


Life can be stressful.


Balancing your personal and professional life can be overwhelming. One always seems to interfere with the other. 


But it doesn’t have to be that way. With help from Charlotte or Juliette, you can delegate the day to day tasks that bog you down to someone who knows you and your needs intimately, and can take that burden off your shoulders. Some examples of services a personal assistant can handle for you include:

  • Booking travel
  • Event management/production 
  • Paying bills
  • Reminding you of important social and professional events such as birthdays and meetings
  • Sorting and replying to physical and electronic mail

Executing professional directions, such as:

  • Buying and selling stocks
  • Research
  • Documenting meetings and notes

And while that aides in your professional life, an assistant can also drastically improve your personal life, handing tasks such as:

  • Picking up your dry cleaning
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Booking vacations
  • Personal shopper/stylist

“I’ve employed many P.A.’s over the years, each with their strengths and weaknesses. What makes Charlotte so unique is  that she combines the core skills, OCD level organization and meticulous planning, with a deeper, intuitive level of wisdom that allows her to know what I need before I even ask. She has materially improved my life. I can recommend her without any  reservation.”-Stephen Steinberg Financial Analyst 

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How Are We Different?

Our Austin Assistants offer a personalized, efficient service designed specifically for elite clients. 

No more micro-managing individual tasks through impersonal services or craigslist, where you’re getting a new helper with each new task.

With our service, you have a dedicated personal assistant who doesn’t just do odd jobs you delegate, but who identifies patterns and gaps in your regular schedule. That means your personal assistant is learning about you, your business, and the needs of both, allowing for less and less oversight as time goes on.

Our goal is to automate your life so that you can spend less time micromanaging the little things and more time focusing on the things that matter, like your family and your business’s goals.

Every business and individual has different needs. Isn’t it about time you found a personal assistant who meets those needs?

Stop managing the little things. Let one of us help you take back your time.

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How much is YOUR time worth?

Most people go about their day without even thinking about the cost of time. We value our time at work, so why don’t we treat our personal lives the same?

Your time is valuable, and should be treated as such. But really think about it, how much is your time worth? And while there are many complicated formulas available to figure this out, let’s apply a simple one. 

Take your annual income, divide it by how many hours you work annually, and multiply that by how many weeks a year you work. So if you work 60 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, that’s 3,000 hours per year. So if you earn $500,000 annually after taxes (for simplicity), we would divide that number by your total hours (500,000/3,000) to come up with a value of $166.66/hr.

That’s how much your time is worth in this example.

Would it really be worth your time to pick up your own dry cleaning at that point? Or book your own appointments? 

Having a personal assistant buys back your time, the one resource in which we’re all limited. That’s why you shouldn’t be wasting yours on the day to day tasks of life that Austin Assistant can handle for you. 

Let us give you back your time, 

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